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Wednesday 27th May - Open Penny's and Sophie's
1st Andrew Mumford(Tredegar)  S10   167-4-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S5   144-0-0
3rd Graham Davies(Aberglais)  P2   98-12-0 
Bank Holiday Open 25th May - Penny's
The field of 22 was topped by one of South Wales top men, Rob Wiltshire with an assured shallow performance from peg 2. Pegged opposite Rob was runner-up Paul Blanch.
1st Rob Wiltshire(Cwmbran Nobblers)   P2   120-0-0
2nd Paul Blanch(HOV)  P39   109-8-0
3rd Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  P18   98-12-0
Wednesday 20th May - Open (Sophie's)
Howard made it two on the bounce with an emphatic win from peg 5.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S5   180-0-0
2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S10   140-0-0
3rd Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   86-8-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S19   68-4-0
Wednesday 13th May - Open (Sophie's)
Howard Green has been absent of late, but he made his first Wednesday visit of the year tell with a clear win.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S1    169-12-0
2nd Andrew Mumford(Sirhowy)  S19   86-8-0
3rd Brian King(Ebbw Vale)  S5   74-14-0
4th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S12   73-8-0
Monday 4th May - Open (Sophie's & Tilly's)
Frank Davies is the form man at the moment!
 1st Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  S20   106-0-0
2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S8   102-4-0
3rd Steve Harris(HoV)  T1   93-14
4th James Allen(Forest of Dean)  T22   89-0-0
5th Paul Blanch(HoV)   88-10-0
6th Andrew Mumford(Sirhowy)  T3  71-12-0
Sunday 3rd May - Sirhowy - Penny's
Winner - Luke Sorokin P18 150-0-0
Wednesday 29th April - Open (Sophie's)
1st Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  S3   107-0-0
2nd Phil Bendall(Daiwa Grdon League)  S19  99-6-0
3rd Mark Holden(Sirhowy)  S5   76-0-0
4th Ian Sutton(Iffers)  S16   62-12-0
5th Bryan King(Ebbw Vale)  S10   47-10-0
Wednesday 22nd April - Open (Sophie's)
1st Andrew Mann(Frenzee)  S3   145-0-0
2nd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)  S16   89-8-0
3rd Bryan King(Ebbw Vale)  S19   83-4-0
4th Mark Holden(Sirhowy)  S2   66-8-0
15th April - Open (Penny's)
1st Mark Holden(Sirhowy)   83-10-0
2nd Tony Hilditch(Cefn Fforest)   57-12-0
3rd Andrew Mann(Frenzee)   55-4-0
4th Dan Jacobs(Ross)   40-0-0
8th April - Open (Sophie's)
It was 3 in a row for Steve Shaw as the carp really had a go on Sophie's. Pegged on 16, Steve caught mainly shallow on pellet to just edge out Mike Shields.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S16   173-10-0
2nd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)   S19   171-0-0
3rd Nikki Miller(Cefn fforest)   S 14   145-12-0
4th Mark Holden(Sirhowy)  S5   138-8-0
Sunday 5th April
1st Steve Shaw(Mzarukyu)   S14   149-12-0
2nd Matthew Edwards (Swansea)  S16   116-3-0
3rd Andrew Mumford(Sirhowy)   S8   103-0-0
Wednesday 1st April - Open (Penny's)
 Steve Shaw has had a lean time of late, but he took the win on Penny's this week by a small margin from Nikki Miller. 
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P11   36-8-0
2nd Nikki Miller(Cefn Fforrest)  P34   43-2-0
3rd Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P37   21-6-0
Wed 25th March - Open(Sophie's)
Iffers grouped, Dave Nelson took the win this week with a clear win from Sophie's peg 10. After a lean spell by his standards, Steve Shaw made the frame from peg 19 for runner-up.
1st Dave Nelson(Iffers)   S10   55-6-0
2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)   S19  37-0-0
3rd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)   S5  28-8-0

Wednesday 18th March
Bryan King likes peg 18, and with a bit room he took his second win of late finishing almost 25 lb ahead of the rest. Bryan lightly fed corn to take carp throughout the day. Christian Price was second on peg 37.
1st Bryan King(Ebbw Vale)   P18    61-12-0
2nd Christian Price(Newent)  P37   37-8-0
3rd Stan Jacobs   P10   36-12-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P30   32-8-0
Wednesday 11th March
Speedy drew one peg away from last week's success, and it was near enough to do the damage and post his second win of the year. Alan Davies was again on the cafe bank where he took runner-up spot.
1st Speedy(Legendary Angling)   S11   80-12-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)   S5   69-0-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)   S16   61-0-0
4th Phil Bendall(Daiwa Gordon League)  S9  40-14-0
Wednesday 4th March
Open - Sophie's
Fish were spread much wider this week, and also in shallower water. Speedy took his fish on corn 4 metres out on a variety of lines. Alan Davies caught on similar lines, but with maggot.
1st Speedy(Legendary Angling)   S10   108-4-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S3   87-12-0
3rd Ian Sutton(Iffers)   S16   76-2-0
Wednesday 24th Feb
Open - Sophie's
1st Bryan King(Ebbw Vale)   S16    155-8-0
2nd Lewis Morgan   S10    55-10-0
Wednesday 17th Feb
Open - Penny's
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)   P10  63-8-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)   P3  23-4-0
3rd Huw Scott P36 21-6-0
Sunday 8th Feb
Open - Penny's
1st Paul Blanch peg P35   84-0-0
2nd Rob Wiltshire(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P5   79-8-0
3rd Mark Williams   P32   72-0-0
4th Franky D   P26   48-8-0
5th Mark      P18     45-8-0
Sunday 15th December
Sirhowy Christmas Match - Penny's
Tony Worgan (Crystal Windows), came hoping to frame, but after half the match it became Crystal clear that he was in pole position. He saw a window of opportunity and latched onto first place, with his travelling partner, Mike Yandle almost making it a double-glazed success. However, Nigel Morris fished a blinder into the teeth of the wind to split the Tredegar twosome.
Ist Tony Worgan(Crystal Windows)  P37   44-0-0
2nd Nigel Morris(Swansea)  P5   40-8-0
3rd Mike Yandle(Tredegar)  P18   37-6-0
4th Frank Davies(Tredegar) 31-0-0
Wednesday 3rd December
Open - Penny's
Duane Boyall made a welcome return and promptly raced away for the win. He fished corn on the deck, long to take carp steadily throughout for an impressive total. It was a photo finish for second with Howard Green and Steve Shaw battling it out on the far bank.
1st Duane Boyall(Cefn Fforest)  P7  62-12-0
2nd= Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P34   36-8-0
2nd= Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P38   36-8-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P3   22-8-0
5th Speedy(Legendary Angling)  P5  15-4-0
6th Nikki Miller(Cefn Fforest)  P36   13-8-0

Wednesday 26th November
King of Tons - Penny's
Mark Williams is not a regular visitor to Redhill, but he certainly made best use of a good draw. He stuck it out with corn on the deck on peg 36 to take quality fish steadily for a winning 80lbs. Phil Bendall opposite Mark caught more fish on pellet but was left just over a pound short.
1st Mark Williams(Aberglais)  P36   80-12-0
2nd Phil Bendall(Daiwa Gordon League)  P5   79-4-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P7   75-8-0
4th Ian Sutton(Iffers)  P38   45-12-0
5th Phil Rawlings(Sirhowy)  P3   32-8-0
6th Mike Yandle(Tredegar)  P9   32-0-0
Wednesday 19th November
Open - Sophie's
Ian Sutton made it two on the bounce, again using corn to finish over 10lbs clear of Howard Green.
1st Ian Sutton (Iffers)  S6   49-8-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S9   38-8-0
3rd Speedy(Legendary Angling)  S16   30-4-0
4th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)  S19   29-8-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S12   25-4-0
6th Phil Bendall(Daiwa Gordon League)  S14   19-0-0
Sunday 16th November
Heads of the Valleys
Sophie's & Tilly's
1st John Dunlop S10 70-0-0
2nd Paul Blanche S19 51-0-0
3rd Whiskey T7  36-0-0
Wednesday 12th November
Open - Sophie's
1st Ian Sutton(Iffers)  S12   44-5-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S16   36-8-0
3rd Alan Lewis(Sirhowy)  S9   15-8-0
4th Speedy(Legendary Angling)  S2   15-6-0
Wednesady 5th November
Open - Sophie's
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   46-0-0
2nd Speedy(Legendary Angling)  S4   30-4-0
3rd Ian Sutton(Iffers)  S19   25-4-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S9   24-0-0
Wednesday 29th October
Open - Sophie's
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S12   155-8-0
2nd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S16   68-4-0
3rd Steve Brooker(Merthyr)  S4   66-0-0
Saturday 25th October
Welsh Southern Area Team Championship
With an unbeatable 8 penalty point score, Cwmbran Nobblers took the inaugral title.  This was achieved with three section wins, a second and a third.  Neil Morgan led the way with an impressive 124 lbs from Sophie's peg 12, caught on maggot short.  Frenzee-backed Luke Sorokin was top on Tilly's and second overall.  Then it was the Nobblers pairing of Chris Sheppard and Phil Weaver who topped Penny's.  
Team result:
1st  Cwmbran Nobblers 8 pts
2nd Wizards 16 pts
3rd  Team Frenzee 18 pts
4th  Cardiff Nomads 23 pts
5th Cwmccelyn 24 pts
1st  Neil Morgan (Cwmbran Nobblers) S12  124-8-0
2nd  Luke Sorokin T8 86-4-0
3rd  Chris Sheppard P35 82-12-0
4th  Phil Weaver P29 78-0-0
Wednesday 22nd October
Open - Sophie's
After a slow start for all, Steve Shaw patiently pulled away to put together the winning net from peg 12. Howard Green again made a late charge, but was beaten to second spot by Speedy on peg 16.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S12   60-4-0
2nd Speedy(Legendary Angling)  S16   50-0-0
3rd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S4   48-10-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S5   42-8-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S19   34-8-0
6th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)  S8   23-4-0
15th October
Open - Sophies
Fish were topping everywhere, but catching them was a different matter. Tony Summers bucked the recent maggot trend and fished hard pellet long on the deck to take small carp steadily. Howard Green left it late to take second spot with some bigger edge fish.
1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S14   67-0-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   43-8-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S10   23-8-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S19   17-8-0
Saturday 11th October
W.F.C.A. Veterans Championship - Penny's
After being flat calm for most of the match, the heavens opened, made even more interesting with thunder and lightening. On drawing peg 35, Alan Davies fancied his chances but he surprised everyone by going for silvers. He made the ploy work with worm and caster taking over 24lbs of good roach and skimmers. He added a couple of good carp on the light rig to clinch the title by a narrow margin. It was even tighter for the next three places with Gary Fisher edging out the consistent Frank Davies, and 2011 and 2012 winner, Tony Summers.
1st Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)   P35   39-1-0
2nd Gary Fisher(Spencer Works)  P29   36-10-0
3rd=Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  P11   36-2-0
3rd=Tony Summers(Sirhowy/Wye Angling) P23   36-2-0
5th John Mack(Newport)  P31   35-0-0
6th Bernard Farr  P5   23-10-0
Wednesday 8th October
Open - Sophie's
With the fish not showing in the margins, presentation was difficult in the terrible conditions and weights were lower than expected. Steve Shaw took full advantage of peg 2, finishing 11lb ahead of Howard Green to claim the Gold Peg.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S2   84-6-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S6   73-8-0
3rd Phil Bendall(Daiwa Gordon League)  S4   70-4-0
4th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S12  60-12-0
5th= Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S14   57-12-0
5th= Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  S8   57-12-0
Sunday 5th October
Sirhowy - Sophie's & Tilly's
1st Ian Exall(Frenzee)  S4   163-0-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S12   134-8-0
3rd Nigel Morris(Sirhowy)  S14   105-8-0
1st Luke Sorokin(Frenzee)  T22   137-8-0
2nd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  T5   103-0-0
3rd Andrew Mumford(Tredegar)  T13   79-8-0
Wednesday 1st October
Open - Sophie's
A bigger turn out, but a similar result with Howard Green running away with the win, this time from peg 14. It was maggot again that did the damage as Howard recorded a double ton to finish way ahead of second placed Tony Summers.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S14   203-12-0
2nd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S19   82-4-0
3rd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)  S5   80-0-0
4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S1   76-8-0
5th Jamie Smith(Iffers)  S16   61-4-0
6th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S11   55-8-0
24th September
Open - Sophie's
It was a one horse race as Howard Green left the field almost a ton behind. He took fish on peg 19, either in front on pellet or down the edge on maggot. In second spot was Steve Shaw who just edged out Phil Bendall on peg 2.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S19   181-12-0
2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S8   83-4-0
3rd Phil Bendall(Daiwa Gordon League)  S2   81-6-0
4th Nikki Miller(Cefn Fforest)  S10   55-0-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S16   43-8-0
6th Bryan King(Ebbw Vale)  S14   36-4-0
Wednesday 17th September
Open - Sophie's
Steve Shaw found peg 19 to his liking and took some big carp late on close in to edge out Howard Green. Both caught on the current favoured bait, maggot.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S19   176-8-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S10   166-8-0
3rd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S6   92-0-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S8   84-0-0
5th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)  S4   68-8-0
6th Bryan King(Ebbw Vale)  S18   60-4-0
Wednesday10th September
Open - Sophie's
A close encounter saw Tony Summers on peg 6 just taking the verdict from Andrew Mumford.  Both topped the ton mark, catching down the edge, mainly in the second half of the match.
1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S6   103-12-0
2nd Andrew Mumford(Tredegar)  S14   102-10-0
3rd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S19   76-0-0
4th Ian Sutton(Iffers)  S8   71-12-0
5th Bryan King(Ebbw Vale)  S16   48-12-0
6th Steve Edwards  S10   28-12-0
Wednesday 3rd September
Open - Sophie's
After the recent big weights, the lake was strangely subdued in the calm conditions. Ian Exall is a class act and he left the field behind again this week. He took fish steadily for the first five hours shallow and had done enough for a comfortable win over second placed Howard Green.
1st Ian Exall(Frenzee)  S14   127-6-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   68-4-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S16   80-4-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S2   68-4-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S18   47-9-0
6th John Hannam(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S19   43-0-0 
Sunday 31st Aug
Sirhowy - Penny's
1st Phil Weaver (Newport) P2  77-8-0
2nd Danny Baker (Tredegar Angling Centre) P10 
and Chris Byard (Hereford) P35 both 61-0-0
4th Sean McCarthy (Tredegar Angling Centre) P36  50-4-0

Wednesday 27th August
Open - Sophie's
It was a record breaking match again, with Ian Exall putting in a superb display taking big carp down the edge on maggot.  Howard Green turned peg 12 into a framing peg catching close in, again on maggot to finish second. 
1st Ian Exall(Frenzee)   S19   236-0-0* New 2014 record
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S12   213-14-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S10   171-12-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S2   132-0-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S8   119-10-0
6th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Svs)  S16   95-8-0
Sunday 24th August
Sirhowy - Sophie's & Tilly's
Steve Shaw does it again, breaking this year's all lake record with a stunning 223lbs!
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S11   223-12-0 *New Red Hill best for 2014
2nd Nigel Morris(Sirhowy)  S4   162-4-0
3rd Doug Hornblow(Cardiff Nomads)  S19   150-12-0
4th Dan Hook (Sirhowy)  S9   147-8-0
5th Wes Sheldon  (Sirhowy)  S2   142-12-0
6th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S6   78-12-0
1st Sean MacCarthy(Tredegar AC)  T1   143-0-0
2nd Mark Holden(Sirhowy)  T16   86-8-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  T22  61-2-0
4th Tip(Sirhowy)  T5  52-0-0
5th Richie Thompson(Sirhowy)  T20   52-0-0
6th Dan Gosling(Sirhowy)  T10   48-0-0
Wednesday 20th August
Open - Sophie's
A strange day in some ways when you had to get it right or miss out. Steve Shaw certainly got it right and posted the top weight on Sophie's this year with a stunning 192 lbs from peg 3. He caught steadily for the first 4 hours at 4 metres, then plundered the edge late on. In the middle of the dam wall, Howard Green was second catching mainly down the edge, as did 3rd placed Tony Summers.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S3   192-2-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S10   137-4-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S14   112-5-0
4th Bryan King(Ebbw Vale)  S8   55-10-0
5th Peter Gosling(Sirhowy)  S16   49-0-0
6th Nikki Millers(Cefn Fforest)  S1   46-14-0
Wednesday 13th August
Open - Sophie's
A good turn-out made for a cosy match on Sophie's, but it still produced excellent weights. Peg 16 has not been prolific of late, but DT Floats and Miracle Bait backed Norman Sterry turned into a clear winner. After starting well, it was the second half that really did the damage, taking a string of carp close in on maggot, netting over 60 lbs in the last 30 minutes!  On peg 14, Steve Shaw just edged out Mike Shields to take runner-up.
1st Norman Sterry(DT Floats/Miracle Baits)  S16   180-4-0 
2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S14   104-10-0
3rd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services) S5   104-0-0
4th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S17   68-6-0
5th Brian King(Ebbw Vale)   S9   61-8-0
6th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S12   53-12-0
Wednesday 6th August
Open - Sophie's
Steve Shaw has had a quiet time at Red Hill by his standards, but give him a decent draw and he makes no mistake. He fancied peg 2, and went straight down the edge with corn and groundbait to win by almost 60lbs. Howard Green had a run of late fish close in on paste to take runner-up.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S2   173-4-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S10   117-12-0
3rd Brian King(Ebbw Vale)  S8   114-0-0
4th Norman Sterry(DT Floats/Miracle Baits)  S5   113-6-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S19   109-4-0
6th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S12   71-12-0
Sunday 3rd August
1st Glyn Sherwood  P38  119-14-0
2nd Wayne Meek  P40   101-12-0
3rd John Macklin  P7   90-14-0
4th Luke Burge   P18   78-10-0
Wednesday 29th July
Open - Penny's
For a change, the frame was mainly dominated by the corners. Chris Shepherd did well off unfancied peg 23 bringing fish in close down the edge on pellet. John Hannam secured runner-up with a late run of quality fish shallow. Ian Sutton fished similarly opposite for third.The lowest weight in another Penny's catching spree was 70lbs!
1st Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P23   174-8-0
2nd John Hannam(HoV)  P5   150-8-0
3rd Ian Sutton(Iffers)  P35   144-12-0
4th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P18   108-12-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P8   103-8-0
6th Mike Yandle(Tredegar)  P2  103-8-0
Wednesday 23rd July
Open - Penny's & Sophie's
An excellent match with a good turn out. In form Tony Summers took top slot from Penny's 11 posting his first Red Hill double ton fishing hard pellet short. 5 pegs away, Ian Sutton caught shallow throughout, again on hard pellet. Top on Sophie's was Rob Wiltshire with an impressive 170lb + from peg 4.
1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P11   209-4-0
2nd Ian Sutton(Iffers)  P6   179-0-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P17   172-12-0
4th Rob Wiltshire(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S4   171-8-0
5th Mike Yandle(Tredegar)   S16   137-8-0
6th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P13   131-0-0
Sunday 20th July
As expected after the Pairs in pegs 1-20 the day before, it was the high numbers that dominated the frame. Danny Baker was clear winner taking early fish shallow on pellet before reverting to corn down the edge where he took the bulk of his catch.
1st Danny Baker(Tredegar Angling Centre) P29   141-12-0
2nd Andrew Mumford(Tredegar)  P39   114-0-0
3rd Alan Davies(Cardiff)  P38   103-0-0
4th Steve Sha(Marukyu)  P31   92-8-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P14   87-1-0
6th Zak Williams(Newport)  P5   68-0-0
 Red Hill Pairs
Saturday 19th July
Frank Davies and Mark Williams put in a terrific performance to come from behind after the first leg to take the title. Individually, Giles Cochrane broke the season's record on peg 6 with a superb double ton taken on waggler and method. In second spot was Frank on peg 5.
1st Frank Davies & Mark Williams 386-2-0
2nd Chris Shepherd & Norman Sterry  376-0-0
3rd Giles Cochrane & Craig  365-8-0
1st Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran)  P6   218-0-0 * New 2014 record *
2nd Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  P5   166-0-0
3rd Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P8   164-10-0
4th Mark Williams   P14   131-4-0
5th Dai Crandon(Newport)   P15   122-0-0
6th Mike Yandle(Tredegar)  P11   110-8-0
Wed 16th July
Open - Penny's
Peg 2 has not produced for some time, but with the wind blowing into it Tony Summers took the win catching mainly down the edge with hard pellet. It was another close encounter as further down the bank, Giles Cochrane maintained his consistent run to finish second catching long/shallow on pellet to finish less than 3lbs behind. Howard Green took third place with pellet close in.
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling)   P2   137-4-0
2nd Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran)  P15   134-8-0
3rd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)   P11  133-6-0
4th John Hannam(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P34   127-4-0
5th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)   P18   124-8-0
6th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)   P8   111-8-0
Wed 9th July
Open - Molly's&Sophie's
1st Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  S5   176-8-0
2nd Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran)  S2   158-8-0
3rd= Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S14   156-0-0
3rd= Mike Shields(Ashkield Park Svs)  S16  156-0-0
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  M8   86-4-0
2nd Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers)  M4   85-4-0
Red Hill Pairs
Sat 5th July - Sophie's

In the tightest of finishes the "veteran" pairing of Howard Green and Tony Summers scaled 145-12 to beat second placed Chris Shepherd and Norm Sterry by just 10 ounces. So it's all to fish for on July 19th.
Individually, Andrew Mumford won on peg 18 by 2 lbs from Chris Shepherd on 19. Carp were caught on a variety of lines and methods.

1st Howard Green & Tony Summers(145-12-0)
2nd Chris Shepherd&Norm Sterry(145-2-0)
3rd Andrew Mumford&Shaun MacCarthy(141-4-0)
1st Andrew Mumford(Tredegar) S18 80-8-0
2nd Chris Shepherd(Cwmdran Nobblers) S19 78-2-0
3rd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) S14 77-12-0
4th Dai Crandon(Tredegar) S6 76-4-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling) S5 68-0-0
6th Norm Sterry(Dynamite/DT) S8 61-0-0


Aberglais - Sophie's

1st Mark Williams (Abertysswg) 185-0-0, carp, corn and pellets on top two, peg 5

2nd Frank Davies (Tredegar) 127-13-0

3rd Brian Protheroe (Merthyr) 127-0-0

Iffers - Penny's, 

1st Ross Hale (Iffers) 78-14-0, carp, pellets, pole and waggler

2nd Dennis Sherwood (Wye Angling) 76-6-0

3rd Luke Burge (Iffers) 68-5-0

Wed 2nd July
Open - Penny's
1st Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran) P24 112-8-0
2nd Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle) P34 103-12-0
3rd Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers) P26 96-0-0
4th Mike Yandle(Tredegar) P32 95-0-0
5th Ian Exall(Frenzee) P12 91-10-0
6th Graham Davies(Merthyr) P38 84-0-0

Wed 25th June
Open - Sophie's
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) S2 166-12-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads) S16 148-8-0
3rd Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle) S9 104


Sunday 22nd June
Sirhowy - Sophie's & Tilly's
Andrew Mumford took the win with a lovely net of quality carp caught down the edge, but performance of the day went to Sean MacCarthy with a net of small carp to top the weights on Tilly's.
1st Andrew Mumford(Tredegar)   S19   163-0-0
2nd Frank Davies(Sirhowy)   S6   136-0-0
3rd Sean MacCarthy(Tredegar)   T19   131-4-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)   S14   123-0-0
5th Dan Hook(Sirhowy)   S2   116-0-0
6th Mark Holden(Sirhowy)   S10   107-0-0
Wednesday 18th June
Open - Penny's
The expected edge fish did not turn up, and the match was  dominated by anglers fishing long pole shallow. Leading the way was Tony Summers, finishing almost 30lbs ahead of the field. He also took the extra £100 for the Gold peg. Runner-up, recording his first Red Hill ton, was Pete Gosling, with Phil Bendall a creditable third on peg 2.
1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling)   P34   137-4-0
2nd Pete Gosling(Sirhowy)   P29   108-8-0
3rd Phil Bendall(Daiwa Gordon League)  P2   92-0-0
4th Norm Sterry(Miracle Baits/DT Floats)  P18   86-8-0
5th Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran)  P12   78-8-0
6th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P7  49-4-0
Sunday 15th June
Cefn Fforest - Sophie's & Tilly's
1st Ray MacDonald S18   164-10-0
2nd Adam Jones   S20   154-0-0
3rd Norman Sterry  S9   136-0-0
4th Nikki Miller   S11   115-0-0
5th Gavin Jones T22   114-0-0 (Section winner)
Wednesday 11th June
Open - Penny's
Christian Price had an extraordinary match catching throughout on method feeder and pellet waggler. despite losing 25 fish, he still ran out winner. Andrew Mann started slowly but took runner-up spot after a change to the method. Section winners Mike Shields and Tony Summers both fished pole on the deck with pellet.
1st Christian Price(Iffers)   P11   120-12-0
2nd Andrew Mann(Frenzee)   P32   111-4-0
3rd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)   P15   94-8-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)   P30   94-6-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)   P2   92-0-0
6th Phil Bendall(Daiwa Gordon League)   P38   84-10-0
Wednesday 4th June
Open - Penny's
Chris Shepherd has fished the Wednesday opens just 6 times this year, and this was his fourth win. This time he took the biggest weight of the year with an impressive 190lb+ bag of big carp. Most of his fish were taken in the second half down the edge on 8mm pellet. Pegged opposite the winner, Giles Cochrane caught steadily throughout on method feeder for 156lb and runner-up spot. Tony Summers was third taking carp throughout on a variety of pole lines.
1st Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P12   191-12-0
2nd Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran)  P30   156-8-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P8   124-0-0
4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P15   94-4-0
5th Ian Sutton(Iffers)  P5   77-8-0
6th Christian Price(Iffers)  P22   72-4-0
Sunday 1st June
Sirhowy - Penny's
1st Steve Shaw  P4   143-12-0
2nd Sean McCarthy  P27   103-0-0
3rd Mike Yandle  P38   96-14-0
4th Chris Byard  P12   94-4-0
5th Phil Rawlings  P18   91-8-0
6th Keith Wilcox  P30  85-8-0
Sunday 1st June
Royal Forest of Dean AC (CDS Trophy) - Sophie's
1st Daniel Smith S12   77-6-0
2nd Andy Wilkes S16  63-0-0
3rd Mike Shields  S8   55-0-0
Wednesday 27th May
Open - Penny's
Bob Giles was in town again and he duly took the spoils. This time it was fancied peg 34 where he caught on various line on the pole with pellet at full depth. New boy Christian Price drew the "new hot peg" 12 and took fish all day on pellet waggler and the method. Tony Summers was third on peg 15 fishing pellet on the deck.
1st Bob Giles(Frenzee)   P34   124-10-0
2nd Christian Price(Iffers)   P12   101-14-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)   P15   97-12-0
4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)   P32   89-8-0
5th Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran)   P30   78-12-0
6th Richie Thompson(Sirhowy)   P21   62-4-0
Wednesday 21st May
Open - Penny's
Peg 27 and 12 are not considered to be the best of draws, but Bob Giles and Alan Davies turned them into a winners, both taking fish steadily throughout on various lines. Bob's 163lb takes him to the top of this year's ton-up board. A late change to the pellet waggler saw Chris Shepherd overtake Giles Cochrane for third spot.
1st Bob Giles(Frenzee) P27   163-12-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads) P12  135-10-0
3rd Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers) P5   120-8-0
4th Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran) P2  118-0-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling) P31   95-8-0
6th Norm Sterry(Miracle Baits/DT Floats) P37  89-0-0

Wednesday 14th May
Open - Penny's
The sun shine, particularly on Frenzee-backed Andrew Mann who drew hot peg 18 which was also the gold peg. He took 30 lbs shallow, and 100lbs of sizeable carp down the edge. At the other end of the lake, Lee Pesticcio held off a late charge by Giles Cochrane to secure the runner-up spot. As did most on the day, Lee tried various lines and methods.
1st Andrew Mann(Frenzee) P18    132-0-0
2nd Lee Pesticcio(Mosella UK) P36  97-0-0
3rd Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran) P38   85-4-0
4th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle) P32   80-0-0
5th Steve Shaw(Marukyu) P34  73-4-0
6th Brian King(Ebbw Vale) P12 56-12-0

Wednesday 7th May
Open - Penny's
A strong gusting wind didn't deter pole fishing, although the odd fish was caught on the waggler. Carp dominated this week , and after a recent lean period by his standards, Steve Shaw made no mistake from fancied peg 18 with a big 150lb bag. Giles Cochrane also went through the ton barrier from a very windy peg 2, catching on pole, waggler and straight lead.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu) P18 157-4-0
2nd Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran) P2 127-0-0
3rd Lee Pesticcio(Mosella UK) P35 92-6-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling) P32 90-3-0
5th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services) P21 89-0-0


Sirhowy - Penny's

Sun 23rd April.

1st Mike Williams (Tredegar Angling Centre) 99-12-0, carp, poled pellets

2nd Nigel Morris (Tredegar Angling Centre) 99-0-0

3rd Ian Exall (Frenzee) 94-8-0

4th Andrew Mumford (Tredegar Angling Centre) 79-0-0.

Wednesday 30th April
Open - Penny's
The sun shone for a change, and Hadrian Whittle again dazzled us with a blistering display taking over 120lbs of silvers to the scales plus a few carp for another win. Giles Cochrane had a 50/50 split of silvers and carp in his net for the runner-up spot. Top on the far bank was Steve Shaw with another ton plus weight.
1st Hadrian Whittle(Kamasan Sensas Starlets) P2 147-4-0
2nd Giles Cochrane(Cwmbran) P4 115-2-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu) P36 113-12-0
4th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park services) P8 85-12-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads) P38 79-0-0
6th Lee Pesticcio(Mosella UK) P6 65-8-0

Wednesday 23rd April
Open - Penny's

Another good turn-out and an excellent match with over 50lbs required for 10th place. Hadrian Whittle put in a super display of silver-fishing amassing 72 lbs, which he topped up with 3 carp for a winning total of 92 lbs. 10lbs behind Adrian was Mosella backed Lee Pesticcio, who caught a mix of silvers and carp throughout on peg 34. The ever improving Mike Shields took 3rd on peg 18.
1st Hadrian Whittle(Kamasan Sensas Starlets) P10 92-0-0
2nd Lee Pesticcio(Mosella UK) P34 81-4-0
3rd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services) P18 76-0-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling) P6 75-8-0
5th John Boy(Wye Angling) P38 71-0-0
6th Steve Shaw(Marukyu) P2 69-10-0Wednesday 16th April

Open - Molly's & Sophie's

Sophie's dominated the weights this time, with on-fire Chris Shepherd making it three in a row. Chris caught mainly shallow to post another ton. Second spot went to John Hannam who also caught shallow. Sharing the spoils on Molly's were Ian Sutton and Tony Summers.

1st Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers) S5 158-8-0
2nd John Hannam(Heads of Valleys) S8 134-12-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu) S11 119-8-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads) S2 95-8-0
5th Brian Jones(Tredegar) S19 71-2-0
6th Ian Sutton(Iffers) M15 62-12-0 


Wednesday 9th April
Open - Penny's

Chris Shepherd made it two wins in a row with an assured performance with pellet taking mainly small carp on various lines. The consistent Howard Green was runner-up on the opposite bank, catching shallow. It was good to see so many tench , barbel and bream being taken.

1st Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers) P9 110-8-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) P32 77-0-0
3rd Clive Matthews(Ledbury) P3 73-4-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling) P18 69-2-0
5th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle) P23 66-8-0
6th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services) P12 62-5-0

Wednesday 2nd April
Open - Molly's & Sophie's

With the wind turned around, the fish moved and peg 16 came to the fore where Chris Shepherd took fish on pellet at 13 metres for a clear win. Alan Davies took bigger fish close in for runner-up. Howard Green topped Molly's and third overall.
1st Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers) S16 140-0-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads) S19 127-0-0
3rd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) M17 101-8-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling) M15 85-12-0
5th James Barnett(Risca) S2 81-0-0
6th Mike Yandle(Tredegar) M10 64-8-0

Wednesday 26th March
Open - Penny's

Fresh from his 2nd place at Whiteacres, Ian Sutton went one better to top a very close frame from peg 23. Ian had a few carp which were topped up with a nice bag of silvers. Tony Summers had quality carp for the runner-up spot.

1st Ian Sutton(Iffers) P23   47-0-0
2nd Tony Summers(Wye Angling) P3  44-6-0
3rd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services) P35  43-2-0
4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu) P38   40-12-0
5th Graham Davies(Merthyr)  P32  40-8-0
6th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads) P10  37-5-0


Wednesday 19th March 2014

Open - Molly's & Sophie's

A strong wind made presentation difficult, but Tony Summers made it three wins in four matches, all on different lakes. Tony caught small carp steadily throughout the day on pellet. Runner-up and top on Sophie's was Howard Green who took bigger fish down the edge. Third was Brian King on Sophie's peg four.

1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling) M5 120-2-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) S8 89-8-0
3rd Brian King(Ebbw Vale) S4 83-12-0
4th=Brian Jones(Sirhowy) M10 77-0-0
4th=Steve Shaw(Marukyu) M20 77-0-0
6th Speedy(Legendary Angling) M16 75-12-0


Wednesday 12th March

Open - Penny's

Another good turn-out saw all the leading weights coming from the mid to high 30s. Dai Clarke lead the way from 34 breaking the ton barrier, along with 2nd placed Bob Giles. Best on the opposite bank, was section winner Luke Nixon.


1st Dai Clarke(Cefn Fforrest)  P34   116-0-0

2nd Bob Giles(Frenzee)  P38   110-0-0

3rd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)   P36   95-4-0

4th James Barnett(Risca)  P32   55-4-0

5th Luke Nixon(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P11   54-0-0

6th Speedy(Legendary Angling)  P3   46-12-0

Wednesday 5th March

Open - Sophie's

Another win for Tony Summers, finishing over 35lbs clear of Mike Shields. After another overnight frost, Tony was the only angler to really put fish together in the first 2 hours taking small carp at 16 metres on corn. Second placed Mike caught mainly down the edge on peg 16, as did the winner and 3rd placed Steve Shaw late on.


1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling)   S4   98-0-0

2nd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Svs) S16   62-8-0

3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S6   42-0-0

4th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S18   34-8-0

5th Brian King(Ebbw Vale)  S3   33-0-0

6th Brian Jones(Tredegar)  S14   25-0-0


Wednesday 26th Feb

Open - Penny's

Tony Summers won, and in the process managed to turn the tables on James Barnett by preventing him taking the Gold peg, just as James did to Tony a few weeks ago! The winner caught steadily throughout on corn at 12-14 metres, whilst James took all his fish in the margins.


1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling)   P34   82-2-0

2nd James Barnett(Risca)  P18   73-14-0

3rd Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P30   57-8-0

4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P10   46-4-0

5th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)   P6   39-0-0

6th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P8     37-8-0


Wednesday 19th Feb

Open - Penny's

Howard Green picked up where he left off a month ago with another win. This time it was from fancied peg 18 on Penny's where he caught steadily, mainly on hard pellet to edge out Ian Sutton. Ian caught on corn but struggled in the last hour which cost him.


1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P18   93-10-0

2nd Ian Sutton(Iffers)  P37   85-4-0

3rd Ron Wiltshire(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P35   54-12-0

4th Speedy(Legendary Angling)  P30   48-0-0

5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P4   47-8-0

6th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle P13   46-4-0

Wednesday 21st Jan

Open - Sophie's

Howard Green and Steve Shaw faced each other all day and went fish for fish, but Howard came out on top taking the gold peg as well. Both fished long with pellet. But for several lost big fish from the margin, Mike Shields would have run them close.


1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S4   62-0-0

2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S14   59-0-0

3rd Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)  S9  41-4-0

4th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   40-8-0


Wednesday 15th Jan

Open - Sophie's

James Barnett fished a steady match on peg 11 to run out a deserved winner, having to overcome strong head winds and at times a blinding sun. It was another close frame with Tony Summers edging out the fast starting Steve Shaw on the next peg. Most anglers caught on pellet.


1st James Barnett(Risca)  S11   48-8-0

2nd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S4   47-10-0

3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S5   44-12-0

4th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S14   40-6-0

5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S16   35-6-0

6th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)  S12   31-12-0


Wednesday 8th Jam

Open - Sophie's

The cafe bank dominated the match with Alan Davies leading the way with a pellet caught 56lbs on peg 4. Norman Sterry had a good run after a slow start taking some good fish late on maggot, just edging out Steve Shaw on peg 5.


1st Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S4   56-0-0

2nd Norman Sterry(Miracle baits/DT Floats)  S2   49-0-0

3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S5   47-8-0

4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S14   38-8-0

5th Mark Holden(Sirhowy)  S11   37-8-0

6th Andy Fuller(Mathern)  S16   28-0-0


Wednesday 11th December

Open - Sophie's

Howard Green again showed his class by easing away from the field after a slow start on peg 4. He finished over 10lbs clear of Widnes star Colin Doran who just edged out Ian Sutton. Howard caught long on hard pellet.


1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  S4   61-0-0

2nd Colin Doran(Widnes Angling Centre)  S11   50-8-0

3rd Ian Sutton(Iffers)  S14   50-2-0

4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S9   42-14-0

5th Mike Shields(Ashfield Park Services)   S16   31-12-0

6th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S2   23-0-0


4th December

Open - Sophie's

It was another close finish with less than a pound separating Howard Green and Steve Shaw in a peg to peg battle. Most anglers caught long on pellet.


1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   66-10-0

2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S4   65-13-0

3rd Peter Gosling(Sirhowy)  S16   51-10-0

4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S9   50-0-0

5th Ian Sutton(Iffers)  S12   47-6-0

6th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S14   41-8-0 


Wednesday 27th November

Open - Sophie's

Sport was slow for most, with only Alan Davies being the exception as he caught steadily on peg 16 for a clear win. It was tight for 2nd spot with the returning Steve Shaw just edging out Tony Summers. All the weights came to long pole with banded pellet.


1st Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S16   101-8-0

2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S5   46-0-0

3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S9   43-8-0

4th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S12   38-0-0

5th Mark Hillier(Cefn Fforest)  S2   24-0-0

6th Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  S14   21-4-0


Wednesday 20th November

Open - Sophie's

Two nights of freezing temperatures  slowed sport this week in a match that started with strong gusting winds and heavy showers. Tony Summers lead the way fishing long with pellet on the dam wall. Neil Morgan and Barry Richards - both newcomers- took the next two places, again fishing long.


1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S10   62-6-0

2nd Neil Morgan(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S14   56-10-0

3rd Barry Richards(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S5   51-4-0

4th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   45-0-0

5th Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  S4   30-2-0

6th Mark Holden(Sirhowy)   S12   27-0-0



Open - Sophie's

Wednesday 13th November

A sharp overnight frost saw weights below normal. It was another very close finish with Bob Giles edging out his travelling partner, Dai Clarke by just 6 ounces. Both caught long on hard pellet from pegs 12 and 16 respectively. Bob taking the verdict thanks to some late bigger fish shallow. Tony Summers was top on a crowded cafe bank with 66lbs, again long on hard pellet.


1st Bob Giles(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S12   89-12-0

2nd Dai Clarke(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S16   89-6-0

3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S3   66-0-0

4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S4   59-2-0

5th Duane Boyall   S10   38-0-0

6th= Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S19   37-8-0

6th= Speedy(Legendary Angling)  S2   37-8-0


King of Tons Final - 2013


Anglers were greeted with flat calm conditions, but finished with gusty wind and rain. Another stunning performance from Bob Giles saw him take the title. Bob caught long on hard pellet - initially shallow, then on the deck in the deep water to finish well clear. On the opposite bank, Ian Sutton was the only framing angler to catch short to take the runner-up spot in a tight finish with John Hannam and Dai Crandon. It was a great match, with almost 50lbs needed to make the top 10.


1st Bob Giles(Cwmbran Nobblers)  peg P10   127-4-0

2nd Ian Sutton(Iffers)  peg P36   85-12-0

3rd John Hannam peg P8   84-12-0

4th Dai Crandon peg P6   80-12-0

5th Neil Dibble(Cwmbran Nobblers)  P4   61-12-0

6th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P23   59-0-0

7th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)   P38   57-4-0

8th Mike Yandle(Tredegar)  P26   54-4-0

9th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P34   51-8-0

10th Phil Rawlings(Sirhowy)  P2   48-8-0

Wednesday 30th October
When Bob Giles turns up he's invariably the man to beat. Give him a decent draw and the task becomes very difficult, and this was the case as he finished a long way in front of the field.
He took carp throughout the day on hard pellet to post 170lbs - an excellent weight after an overnight frost.
Andrew Mumford celebrated gaining a new sponsor taking second place by fishing shallow, again with hard pellet.
1st Bob Giles(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S8   170-4-0
2nd Andrew Mumford(Quakers Yard Tippers)  S5   114-7-0
3rd Dai Clarke(Cwmbran Nobblers)   S10   112-12-0
4th Brian King(Ebbw Vale)   S4   102-4-0
5th Neil Dibble(Cwmbran Nobblers)   S14   80-8-0
6th Ian Sutton(Iffers)   S2   80-4-0 
Wednesday 23rd October
The matches just get closer all the time with just 26lbs separating 1st to 8th. Alan Davies makes no mistake when he draws well, and this was no exception. He took fish throughout on hard pellet to finish over 10lbs clear of runner-up Tony Summers. Alan caught on various lines, but was hampered by a string of lost fish. Tony had to fish long to catch in the first half of the match, but finished well down the edge.
1st Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)   S5   116-2-0
2nd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S16   104-10-0
3rd Speedy(Legendary Angling)   S4   100-0-0
4th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   98-0-0
5th Brian King(Ebbw Vale)   S20   97-10-0
6th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S12   95-2-0 
Wednesday 16th October
Open - Sophie's
Horrendous driving rain and wind greeted the field and another close finish saw like fast finishing Luke Nixon overhauling Tony Summers by just 12 ounces. Both caught on hard pellet on varying lines.
1st Luke Nixon(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S5   114-0-0
2nd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S12   113-4-0
3rd James Barnett(Blackwood)  S8   91-12-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S20   90-4-0
5th Ian Sutton(Iffers)  S10   84-12-0
6th Dai Crandon   S14   83-4-0
Sunday 13th October
Cefn Fforest - Sophie's & Tilly's
1st Norm Sterry(Miracle Baits/DT Floats) S4 147-8-0
2nd Gavin Jones(Cefn Fforest)   Tilly's  131-0-0
3rd Tony Hilditch(Blackwood) S5   121-6-0
Wednesday 9th October
Open - Sophie's
Howard Green again took centre stage with a clear win from peg 8. Howard took all his fish on pellet down the edge. Alan Davies fished similarly against the rushes on peg 12.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S8   183-4-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S12   126-0-0
3rd Bob Giles(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S2   111-10-0
4th Dai Clarke   S16   109-8-0
5th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S5   108-0-0
6th Brian King(Ebbw Vale)  S3   102-8-0

Sunday 6th October
Sirhowy - Sophie's
1st Mark Jones(Tredegar Angling Centre)  S2   175-7-0
2nd Nigel Morris(Swansea)  S12   153-0-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S10   141-12-0
4th Phil Rawlings(Sirhowy)  S20   123-10-0
5th Richie Thompson(Docklow)  S14   123-0-0
6th Mark Holden(Hereford)  S6   113-13-0
Saturday 5th October
WFCA Veterans match
1st Lyn Jones(Cefn Fforest)  P23   140-8-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) P3   92-6-0
3rd John Mack (Newport)  P32   49-6-0
4th Frank Davies(Sirhowy)  P9   45-12-0
5th James Smithson  P    43-8-0
6th  Martyn Truman P5  42-14-0
Full results and pictures - see page 
Wednesday2nd Oct
Open - Penny's
Penny's fished really well again, and Howard Green made the most taking a string of carp to 6lbs on paste, corn and pellet. Speedy put his recent woes behind him to finish 24lbs behind.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P29   138-2-0
2nd Andrew Williams(Legendary Angling)  P35   114-12-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P38   102-14-0
4th Scott Hale(Sirhowy)  P16   84-0-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  82-0-0
6thGraham Davies(Merthyr)   77-10-0
 Wednesday 25th Sept
Open - Sophie's
Flat calm conditons were not ideal, but still over 170lbs was required to win. Howard Green did a masterclass in paste fishing from peg 5 to take a close win over Andrew Mann. Andrew lost several large fish which cost him. Steve Shaw took 3rd from peg 2, with travelling partner Alan Davies top on the dam wall which was strangely hard on the day.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) S5    172-14-0
2nd Andrew Mann(Frenzee South West)  S20 170-6-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S2  135-2-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S9 97-14-0
5th Speedy(Legendary Angling)  S16   85-8-0
6th Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S6  75-4-0
Sunday 22nd Sept
Sophie's - Aberglais
2ND MARK WILLIAMS 149-6-0      PELLET      PEG 20
3RD PADDY PAYNE 85-10-0     PELLET       PEG 13

Penny's - Cefn Fforest 

Wednesday 18th Sept
Open - Penny's
Andrew Mann made his first Wednesday visit and put in a winning performance from peg 28. He had a brilliant start to the match catching long and down the edge to prevent Steve Shaw from taking the gold peg.
1st Andrew Mann(Frenzee South West)  P28   145-6-0
2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P7   140-8-0
3rd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P33   112-8-0
4th Tony Hilditch(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P12   77-0-0
5th Mark Holden(Sirhowy)  P31   55-8-0
6th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P4   51-0-0
Wednesday 11th Sept
Open - Sophie's
The fish were well spread around the lake again in the flat calm conditions leading to another tight frame, with the exception of winner Andrew Mumford. He caught tight in with hard pellet to record an excellent double ton on peg 16. Runner up spot was a close affair, with John Hannam on peg 12 just pasting Tony Summers, who fished corn.
1st Andrew Mumford(Tredegar)  S16   210-4-0
2nd John Hannam(Heads of the Valleys)  S12  176-10-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling/DT Floats)  S9   174-0-0
4th Dennis O'Leary(Ebbw Vale)  S2   166-8-0
5th Mark Holden(Sirhowy)  S5   164-4-0
6th Brian King(Ebbw Vale)  S19   128-8-0
Wednesday 4th Sept
Open - Penny's
Ian Sutton seems to have a knack for catching close in between his keepnets and he used the method for another win. He fished corn over pellet. It was a clsoe 4-way battle for runner-up spot, with Howard Green using his favoured paste to take the verdict.
1st Ian Sutton(Iffers)  P8   124-0-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P37   106-4-0
3rd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P31   105-0-0
4th Alan Lewis(Ebbw Vale)  P23   102-8-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P34   101-0-0
6th Graham Davies(Merthyr)  P27   63-10-0
Sunday 1st Sept
Sirhowy - Penny's
1st Rob Jones (Frenzee South West)  P2   142-8-0
2nd Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P6   117-4-0
3rd Mike Williams(Thatchers)  P4   107-8-0
4th Wes Sheldon(Sirhowy) P23   90-8-0
Wednesday 28th August
Open - Sophie's
Despite flat calm conditions, Sophie's produced another excellent match with the top 10 averaging over 120lbs.  Howard Green recorded another double ton from the dam wall, beating Miracle baits backed Norm Sterry by just 8ozs. Howard caught tight in on paste, while Norman used mainly corn on peg 14.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S8   202-8-0
2nd Norman Sterry(Miracle baits/DT Floats)  S14   202-0-0
3rd Bob Giles(Cwmbran Nobblers)  S16   169-8-0
4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S2   161-4-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S19   113-0-0
6th Brian King(Ebbw Vale)  S12   111-12-0
Sunday 25th August
Sirhowy - Penny's
1st Luke Sorokin(Frenzee South West)  P2   82-12-0
2nd Mark Jones(Tredegar Angling Centre)   P10   80-4-0
3rd Andrew Mumford(Sirhowy)  P29   68-2-0
4th Matt Jackson(Sirhowy)  P8   67-4-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P39   61-0-0
6th Phil Rawlings(Sirhowy)  P35 59-0-0
Wednesday 21st August
Open - Penny's
Another excellent match on Penny's saw Ian Sutton hold off the improving Richie Thompson. Both recorded ton weights fishing short and down the edge with corn.
1st Ian Sutton(Iffers)  P12   110-8-0
2nd Richie Thompson(Docklow)  P10   105-0-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P18   97-4-0
4th Graham Davies(Merthyr)  P4   81-0-0
5th Dennis O'Leary(Ebbw Vale)  P2   79-14-0
6th Larry Salter(Cardiff Nomads)  P15   75-4-0
Wednesday 14th August
Open - Sophie's
Steve Shaw put in yet another blistering performance to take the honours from peg 8. He caught throughout down the edge to chalk up a double ton.  James Barnett has been absent for some time, but he's not lost his touch taking a good ton on paste from peg 16.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu) S8   209-8 
2nd James Barnett(Risca)  S16   136-10
3rd Ian Sutton(Iffers)  S14   122-8
4th Dennis O'Leary(Ebbw Vale)  S2   122-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S17  118-14
6th Brian King(Merthyr)  S18   110-2
Wednesday 7th August
Open - Penny's
Steve haw caught down the edge on pellet from start to finish. Alan Davies would possibly have taken the win opposite Steve but for several lost fish.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P12   158-4-0
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P30   143-6-0
3rd Dennis O'Leary(Ebbw Vale)  P25   129-12-0
4th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) P36  108-12-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P18    94-4-0
6th Graham Davies(Merthyr)  P6   87-8-0
Wednesday 31st July
Open - Sophie's
The wind blew into the dam wall and Howard Green mastered the conditions with a commanding display of paste fishing. Had it been a 6 hour match, he may well have broken the match record.
Howard finished 86lbs clear of second placed Alan Davies.
The top 6 took over 1,000lbs to the scales!
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S9   257-8-0 (season's best)
2nd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  S12   171-0-0
3rd Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  S16   164-10-0
4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  S5  157-12-0
5th Brian King(Ebbw Vale)  S2   150-12-0
6th Scott Hale(Ebbw Vale)  S14  108-0-0

Wednesday 24th July
Open - Penny's
The days of the Aquarium dominating on Penny's may be over as both Steve Shaw and Graham Davies caught quality fish shallow at the far end of the lake. Howard Green pasted between them from end peg 37.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  P27   143-5-0
2nd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P37   126-0-0
3rd Graham Davies(Merthyr)   P18   112-14-0
4th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  P32   93-0-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P11  88-12-0
Sunday 21st July
Sirhowy - Penny's
1st Luke Sorokin(Browning WW)  P18   94-12-0
2nd Nigel Morris(Sirhowy)  P6   80-8-0
3rd Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  P12   79-8-0
4th Phil Rawlings(Sirhowy)  P33   70-8-0
Wednesday17th July
Open - Sophie's
Steve Shaw was the only angler to find some bigger fish, and took the win fishing hard pellet. John Hannamis becoming a consistent framer and he ended up second again catching small carp throughout.
1st Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  peg S14   159-0-0
2nd John Hannam(Cwmbran)  peg S12  133-8-0
3rd Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  peg S5  132-0-0
4th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)   peg S2   102-8-0
5th Tony Summers(Wye Angling)  peg S8   93-12-0
6th Dennis O'Leary(Ebbw Vale) peg S16   73-8-0
Wednesday 10th July
Open - Penny's
James Thomas caught on various lines shallow and on the deck with paste to take the win. Close behind was John Hannan who used similar tactics. Ian Sutton fished a steady match to take the far bank section.
1st James Thomas(Browning WW)  P4  139-12-0
2nd John Hannan (Cwmbran)  P11  138-2-0
3rd Howard Green P2  119-14-0
4th Steve Shaw(Marukyu)  93-12-0
5th Ian Sutton(Iffers)  86-12-0
6th Dave Nelson(Iffers)  79-8-0
Wednesday 3rd July
Open - Sophie's
Andrew Mumford likes peg 16, and knew just what to do concentrating down the edge to take a string of small carp to just edge out Howard Green on peg 14, and Sheppy on peg 8. Most anglers caught on pellet as corn continues to struggle.
1st Andrew Mumford (Tredegar) S16   105-8-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  S14  104-4-0
3rd Chris Shepherd (Cwmbran Nobblers)  S8  102-2
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  S10 95-0-0
5th James Thomas(Browning West Wales)  S18  92-8-0
6th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)   S3 88-4-0
Wednesday 26th June
Open - Penny's
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  P4  96-12-0
2nd John Hannan  P23   85-12-0
3rd Steve Ayres (Cardiff Nomads) P2  84-12-0
4th Ian Sutton(Iffers)  P30  73-8-0
5th Brian King(Merthyr) P32  66-12-0
6th Rob Dyer(Sirhowy) P10  51-8-0
Wednesday 19th June
Open - Sophie's
1st Mike Yandle(Tredegar) S16  146-10-0 (Gold Peg)
2nd Andrew Mumford(Tredegar) S18  111-2-0
3rd Chris Shepherd(Cwmbran Nobblers) S10  107-10-0
4th Frank Davies(Sirhowy) S3  102-8-0
5th Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle)  S15   93-8-0
6th James Barnett(Risca) S4  80-8-0



Wednesday 19th Dec
In the final match of 2012, Tony Summers and Chris Shepherd made the most of having their backs to the strong wind taking carp steadily throughout.
Tony took top spot, and the Golden Peg, as he did in the first match of the campaign taking quality fish on corn for a clear win. On the next peg, Sheppy had smaller samples for runner-up.
Special mention for in-form Mark Holden, who battled valiantly in the teeth of the storm for 3rd from peg 16.
1st Tony Summers(Wye Angling) peg S3 96-4-0
2nd Chris Shepherd(Cwmcelyn) peg S5 60-8-0
3rd Mark Holden(Sirhowy) peg S16 45-4-0
4th Paul Roberts peg S14 40-4-0
5th Frank Davies(Sirhowy) peg S9 38-8-0

It was a tight finish in the Wednesday individual league table with Mike having to leave early and not weighing-in his catch, but he held on to finish top!
Final table:

Matches fishedWins2nds3rds
1Mike YandleTredegar4310102
2Steve ShawMarukyu33884 2347.091
3Howard GreenGreen's FT32834 2126.6
4Tony SummersWye Angling45645 2565.7
5Alan DaviesCardiff Nomads42436 2165.1
6Brian KingEbbw Vale28116 1334.8

Wednesday 12th Dec
Sophie's was only fishable after another hard frost thanks to Colin's efforts.
Mark Holden made it 2 in a row, with a steady perfromance from peg 14.

Wednesday 5th Dec

Open - Penny's
Mark Holden claimed his first Wednesday win with a steady performance from fancied peg 6. After several overnight frosts the lake still produced with the top 10 averaging 40lbs in a close contest.
1st Mark Holden (Sirhowy) peg P6 59-0-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg P8 48-8-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P36 43-8-0
4th Frank Davies (Sirhowy) peg P38 41-0-0
5th Keith Wilcox (Sirhowy) peg P34 39-8-0
6th Ian Exall (Browning W.Wales) peg P28 37-0-0

Wednesday 28th Nov
Open - Penny's
Ian Exall made it three in a row with an assured performance from end peg 38. Ian took big carp steadily on long pole and pellet. James Barnett had more fish on peg 34, but just fell short. Section winner in the low numbers was Alan Davies.
1st Ian Exall (Browning W.Wales) P38 81-0-0
2nd James Barnett (Risca) P34 75-12-0
3rd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) P6 63-12-0
4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) P 4 54-0-0
5th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) P 28 49-8-0
6th Ian Sutton (Iffers) P 30 46-8-0

Wednesday 21st Nov
Open - Penny's
Once the rain died off it was a pleasant day with everyone catching. In fact, almost 50lbs was needed for 10th place!
Ian Exall made in two in a row in a close battle in the 30s. Steve Shaw ran in 2nd on the next peg. Both anglers caught on long pole & pellet. Graham Davies was top on the opposite side, catching quality fish down the edge.
1st Ian Exall (Browning W.Wales) P34 112-10-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) P32 97-4-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) P38 87-12-0
4th Ian Sutton (Iffers) P36 87-8-0
5th Graham Davies (Merthyr) P12 83-8-0
6th Frank Davies (Sirhowy) P6 63-8-0

Wednesday 14th Nov
Open - Sophie's
Occasional Wednesday visitor Ian Exall has a good record at the venue and he took the win from Sophie's peg 5. On Molly's, Alan Davies came out on top by taking fish in spells from peg 15.
1st Ian Exall (Browning W.Wales) S5 110-0-0
2nd Speedy (Legendary Angling) S12 94-0-0
3rd Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) S16 79-8-0
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) M15 67-8-0
2nd Duane Boyall (Oakdale) M5 56-10-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's FT) M17 52-0-0

Wednesday 7th November
"King of Tons" Final
Molly's, Penny's & Sophie's
Despite three frosts in the preceeding nights the lakes still provided good sport.
Browning West Wales grouped, Rob Jones is a formidable opponent, but give him a favourable draw and he is hard to beat. Using corn over pellet he took a steady stream of carp from Penny's to run out clear winner with over 137lbs. Steve Shaw thought he'd done enough on Sophie's peg 16, winning the lake by 40lbs, but it wasn't to be. Bob Giles took third spot pegged opposite Rob on Penny's.
1st & "King of Tons" Champion -
Rob Jones (Browning West Wales) peg P30 137-12-0

1st Ian Exall (Browning W.Wales) M21 61-0-0
2nd Glyn Sherwood (Sensas Cardiff Noamds) M4 50-0-0
3rd Brian King (Ebbw Vale) M2 43-0-0
Bob Giles (Browning W.Wales) P10 91-12-0
2nd James Barnett (Risca) P36 69-14-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) P34 60-6-0
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) S16 118-12-0
2nd Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) S19 78-8-0
3rd Neil Dibble (Nobblers) S14 70-0-0

Wednesday 31st October

Open - Sophie's

The weather was probably the worst we've had so far this year making presentation difficult. It didn't seem to bother Mike Yandle though as he recorded another win on caster from peg 14. Tony Summers faced the gale on peg 8 and took second with some big fish on maggot. Howard Green was third from peg 16 fishing corn and pellet.


1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S14 170-8-0

2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S8 126-12-0

3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S16 108-4-0

4th Neil Dibble (Nobblers) peg S11 94-8-0

5th Carl Davies peg S5 77-8-0

6th Paul Roberts peg S2 73-0-0

Wednesday 24th October

Open - Sophie's

The two form pegs were the same this week, with Mike Yandle recording an excellent double ton on caster from peg 19 to beat Steve Shaw by over 40 pounds. Brian King picked up 3rd spot from peg 2.


1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S19 205-4-0

2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S8 163-8-0

3rd Brian King (Ebbw Vale) peg S2 95-0-0

4th Frank Davies (Sirhowy) peg S16 91-12-0

5th Neil Dibble (Nobblers) peg S5 81-0-0

6th Mark Holden (Hereford) peg S14 76-8-0

Sunday 21st October

Sirhowy (Penny's)


1st Rob Jones (Browning) peg P8 167-0-0

2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P29 106-8-0

3rd Nigel Morris (Neath) peg P 4 93-0-0

4th Phil Rawlings (Sirhowy) peg P2 79-0-0

Wednesday 17th October

Open - Sophie's

Chris Shepherd took full advantage of hot peg 8 to take the verdict over Mike Yandle. Chris caught on soft and hard pellet at 4 metres.


1st Chris Shepherd (Cwmcelyn) peg S8 176-8-0

2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S19 164-0-0

3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S3 140-0-0

4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S14 99-8-0

5th Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg S 5 91-8-0

6th Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg S16 90-8-0

Saturday 13th October

Sirhowy (Penny's)


1st Rob Jones (Browning) peg P8 167-0-0

2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P29 106-8-0

3rd Nigel Morris (Neath) peg P 4 93-0-0

4th Phil Rawlings (Sirhowy) peg P2 79-0-0

Wednesday 17th October

Open - Sophie's

Chris Shepherd took full advantage of hot peg 8 to take the verdict over Mike Yandle. Chris caught on soft and hard pellet at 4 metres.


1st Chris Shepherd (Cwmcelyn) peg S8 176-8-0

2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S19 164-0-0

3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S3 140-0-0

4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S14 99-8-0

5th Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg S 5 91-8-0

6th Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg S16 90-8-0

Saturday 13th October

WFCA Veterans Championship


Tony Summers took full advantage of a good draw to take the title for a second year. The Red Hill regular grouped with the strong Sirhowy side, took quality carp steadily in the flat calm and sunny conditions on maggot over groundbait.

It was a tight finish with just 5lbs separating the top 5.

Phil Rawlings just missed top spot by 8ozs, with Dave Couzens another pound behind.


1st Tony Summers (Sirhowy/Wye Angling) peg P2 45-10-0

2nd Phil Rawlings (Sirhowy) peg P37 45-2-0

3rd David Couzens (Merthyr) peg P34 44-2-0

4th Alan Davies (Sirhowy) peg P31 41-2-0

5th Frank Davies ( Sirhowy) peg P5 40-4-0

Wednesday 10th October
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
The pools were in dour mood after producing such superb weights of late. Mike Yandle continues to be the man to beat taking full advantage of the draw on Molly's. He just edged out Steve Shaw and James Barnett, using his favoured corn/margin attack.
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg M19 110-8-
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S8 109-0-0
3rd James Barnett (Risca) peg S2 108-0-0
4th Brian Jones (Merthyr) peg S5 79-12-0
5th Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg S16 76-2-0
6th Scott Hale (S.Wales Aquatics) peg S10 68-4-0

Sunday 7th October
When 20 of the best anglers from South Wales line-up at Red Hill fireworks are always guaranteed and Sunday was no exception. There were no less than 12 ton-plus weights, including 3 double tons. Leading the way was the irrepressible Mike Yandle pegged on his favourite Sophie's dam wall. Welsh champion Bob Giles was top on Mollys.
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S10 276-2-0
2nd Ian Exall (Browning West Wales) peg S6 248-6-0
3rd Bob Giles (Browning West Wales) peg M13 202-12-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S12 181-2-0
5th Nigel Morris (Neath) peg M17 167-12-0
6th Rob Dyer (Dragon Angling) peg M15 148-0-0

Wednesday 3rd October
Open - Sophie's
The wet and windy weather deterred a few, but Alan Davies put in a great performance and took control early on to hold off Mike Yandle. On peg 9, Alan fished his favourite hard pellet taking big fish in front and from the margin. Mike used corn down the edge at peg 2.
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S9 195-2-0

2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S2 183-10-0
3rd Brian King (Ebbw Vale) peg S5 148-8-0
4th = James Barnett (Risca) peg S12 134-0-0
4th = Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S16 134-0-0

Wednesday 26th September
Open - Penny's
Sheppy made an appearance, drew an end peg and made the most of it fishing the margins with caster and worm for the win. Paul Roberts also made good use of the end peg on the opposite bank for runner-up. Paul fished expander over pellet also down the edge. Tony Summers fished pellet shallow for third.
1st Chris Shepherd (Cwmcelyn) peg P31 157-8-0
2nd Paul Roberts peg P11 131-8-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg P34 88-0-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg P2 80-0-0
5th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg P37 67-8-0
6th Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) peg P5 61-14-0

Wednesday 19th September
Open - Sophie's
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S2 174-8-0
2nd Bob Giles (Cwmbran Nobblers) peg S8 168-8-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S6 159-12-0
4th Brian Jones (Merthyr) peg S3 136-2-0
5th Mark Hillyer peg S14 135-0-0
6th Brian Prothero peg S12 117-4-0

Wednesday 12th September
Open - Sophie's
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S10 246-14-0
(new 2012 record)
2nd Andrew Mumford (King Edwards) peg S16 239-12-0
3rd Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) peg S18 138-12-0
4th Ian Sutton (Iffers) peg S8 132-8-0
5th Brian King (Merthyr) peg S14 127-8-0
6th Mark Holden (Sirhowy) peg S12 106-0-0

Wednesday 5th September
Open - Penny's
It was fitting that Mike Yandle won today. The only angler to break the ton fishing shallow with pellet on peg 35. Howard Green was second taking fish on both pellet and paste. In-form Brian King won the other section from peg 18.

1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg P35 107-10-0

2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg P32 83-6-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P 26 78-12-0
4th Tony Summers (Wye angling) peg P29 60-8-0
5th Brian King (Ebbw Vale) peg P18 54-2-0
6th Brian prothero (Team Berlingo) peg P38 47-0-0

Wednesday 29th September
Open - Sophie's
Brian King is on a great run at the moment and took the verdict over Mike Yandle. Both fished corn on the Dam wall, with Brian netting some big lumps from the margins. Alan Davies had set the early pace on peg 19, but bites slowed in the shallow water.
1st Brian King (Ebbw Vale) peg S10 181-0-0

2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S8 173-2-0
3rd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S19 163-8-0
4th Rob Jones (Neath) peg S14 148-8-0
5th James Thomas peg S16 145-8-0
6th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S6 142-0-0
Monday 27th August
Open - Penny's
Penny's fishes well for the Bank holiday Open.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P2 98-12-0
2nd Doug Hornblow (Cardiff Nomads) peg P6 92-8-0
3rd Nick Preston peg P23 81-14-0
4th Mark Jones peg P27 72-12-0

Wednesday 22nd August

Open - Sophie's

With a few absentee the 10 anglers on Sophie's took almost 1400lbs to the scales. Mike Yandle lead the way from favoured peg 12 with a superb double ton of small carp. It was close for 2nd, with Simon Jones taking the verdict from peg 16 from Brian King.


1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S12 22-7-0

2nd Simon Jones (Rhymney) peg S16 177-6-0

3rd Brian King (Merthyr) peg S19 172-0-0

4th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S2 146-0-0

5th Dennis O'Leary (Ebbw Vale) peg S6 132-0-0

6th Brian Jones (Merthyr) peg S14 123-10-0

Wednesday 15th August
Open - Penny's
Steve Shaw again showed his class with a match-winning performance from peg 6. Close behind was Mike Yandle, who in the atrocious conditons did exceptionally to fish shallow all day. Ian Exall recorded the other ton pegged opposite Mike.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P6 123-8-0
2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg P30 114-0-0
3rd Ian Exall (Exall Electrics) peg P10 104-2-0
4th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg P38 98-8-0
5th Brian King (Merthyr) peg P18 93-8-0
6th Tony Summers Wye Angling) peg P23 79-4-0

Wednesday 8th August
Open - Sophie's
The top six all recorded ton plus weights despite the tight pegging on Sophie's. Steve Shaw made no mistake from fancied peg 16 to take the win and an additional £100. Mike Yandle came 2nd from the dam wall, both men catching on corn and pellet down the edge. Close behind Mike was Brian King on peg 14.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S16 150-2-0
2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S8 139-14-0
3rd Brian King (Ebbw Vale) peg S14 132-12-0
4th Brian Jones (Merthyr) peg S12 120-8-0
5th Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) peg S4 118-12-0
6th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S15 109-0-0

Wednesday 1st August
Open - Molly's
Ian Sutton likes Molly's and a peg 19 draw saw him take his first win. He caught small carp steadily all day at 4 metres with corn and pellet. Over 20lbs behind was Tony Summers, who caught at 16 metres shallow and later on down the edge. Third spot went to Graham Davies on peg 2.
1st Ian Sutton (Iffers) peg M19 81-6-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg M21 58-8-0
3rd Graham Davies (Aberglais) peg M2 47-4-0
4th Brian King (Ebbw Vale) peg M7 46-0-0
5th Brian Jones (Merthyr) peg M13 38-0-0
6th Neil Dibble (Cwmbran) peg M17 26-10-0

Wednesday 25th July
Open - Sophie's
Howard Green secured the win, first taking fish shallow on pellet then changing to the margins with paste. In form Steve Shaw was dissapointed with runner-up spot from fancied peg 12. Whilst Ian Sutton must be kicking himself for not having enough hooks tied after a storming start.
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S5 158-12-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S12 144-0-0
3rd Ian "Bart" Sutton (Iffer's) peg S3
4th Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg S10 128-8-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S19 125-0-0
6th Brian Jones (Merthyr) peg S18 101-2-0

Sunday 22nd July
Sirhowy match - Penny's

1st James Thomas peg P27 97-0-0
2nd Andrew Crocker peg P4 90-14-0
3rd Alan Davies peg P2 89-4-0
4th Nigel Morris peg P14 84-12-0
5th Tony Summers peg P6 76-8-0
6th Matthew Edwards peg P39 63-4-0

Wednesday 18th July
Open - Penny's
A changing pressure system and blustery winds made for tougher fishing than normal. In a very tight frame, Steve Shaw took another win with a net of mainly bream and skimmers. Close behind came Howard Green with a carp bag.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P25 57-8-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) P 31 56-0-0
3rd Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo)P35 45-12-0
4th Brian Jones (Merthyr) P18 41-8-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) P37 41-0-0
6th Chris Shepherd P10 39-12-0

Wednesday 11th July
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Steve Shaw made a winning return after holiday catching some big carp on 8mm pellet from the margins on Sophie's peg 19. Tony Summers was close behind on peg 14, catching shallow and down the edge. Alan Davies was top on Molly's from peg 2.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S19 160-0-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S14 155-12-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S10 152-0-0
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S2 143-0-0
5th Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg S5 127-4-0
6th James Barnett (Risca) peg S16 111-12-0

Wednesday 4th July
Open - Tilly's
The frame was composed of anglers on the roadside bank with Howard Green made a welcome return promptly winning with a mixture of long shallow and margin fish. Pete Gosling did well for a newcomer off peg 19, with Mike Yandle third inbetween.
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg T13 95-8-0
2nd Pete Gosling (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg T19 64-4-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg T17 54-8-0
4th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg T1 52-0-0
5th Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg T21 43-4-0
6th Graham Davies (Aberglais) peg T7 35-0-0

Wednesday 27th June
Open - Penny's
It was a two horse race this week, with Tony Summers just edging the verdict over Mike Yandle. The two fought a next peg battle, both fishing shallow with pellet to take big tons to the scales. Alan Davies was top on the opposite bank.
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg P34 165-8-0
2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg P36 164-0-0
3rd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg P8 83-2-0
4th Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) peg P32 69-12-0
5th Pete Gosling (Sirhowy) peg P10 61-0-0
6th Darren Mehegan (Sirhowy) 58-14-0

Sunday 24th June
Sirhowy match - Molly's & Sophie's
Simon Jones is hard to beat on any water, but Tony Summers had the chance on Sunday - and another Gold peg, but just missed out again. Breaking his pole didn't help! Simon caught steadily all day, at first shallow, then later down the edge on Sophie's peg 6. Bob Giles was top on Molly's with another excellent bag, caught short and in the margins.
1st Simon Jones (Rhymney) peg S6 154-4-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S10 146-14-0
3rd Bob Giles (Cwmbran Nobblers) peg M20 145-0-0
4th Rob Dyer (Sirhowy) peg S12 123-10-0
5th Luke Sorokin (Neath Mafia) peg S14 116-6-0

Wednesday 20th June
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Another cracking Red Hill match saw the top 10 all recording ton plus weights. It was tight for the top two places with Mike Yandle stopping Tony Summers from taking the gold peg. Pegged on Sophie's, both caught close in, Mike on corn and Tony on pellet. Performance of the day arguably went to Welsh Champion, Bob Giles who won Molly's lake with a terrific 156 pounds from unfancied peg 5.
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S11 179-2-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S14 175-4-0
3rd Bob Giles (Cwmbran Nobblers) peg M5 156-0-0
4th Karl Guerra (Spencer Wks) peg S2 148-10-0
5th Mark Guerra (Sencer Wks) peg S9 140-2-0
6th Brian Jones (Merthyr) peg S16 123-8-0

13th June
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
In a close fought contest, Howard Green showed his class on Sophie's peg 9 to take top spot. Brian King ran him close from fancied peg S16, with Steve Shaw third next to Howard. On Molly's, James Barnett caught steadily on peg 19 to ease passed Alan Davies for a lake win.
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S9 139-12-0
2nd Brian King (Ebbw Vale) peg S16 138-8-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S11 136-0-0
4th Darren Mehegan peg S5 131-8-0
5th (Lake win) James Barnett (Risca) M19 129-8-0
6th Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) S14 114-8-0

Wednesday 6th June
Open - Sophie's
In the closest of finishes, Alan Davies clinches the next peg battle with his travelling partner Steve Shaw.
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S10 171-14-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S12 171-12-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) S14 152-10-0
4th Dennis O'Leary (Ebbw Vale) peg S16 135-0-0

Tuesday 5th June
Jubilee Open- Molly's & Sophie's
1st Andrew Mumford (King Edward's) peg S16 235-8-0
2nd Simon Jones (Rhymney) peg M21 188-0-0
3rd Lyn Jones (Cefn fforest) peg M15 157-0-0
4th Phil Weaver (Cardiff) peg S19 149-0-0
5th Rob Jones (Neath) peg M17 144-0-0
6th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S14 138-8-0

Sunday 3rd June
Steve Shaw keeps on his winning way taking big carp on pellet waggler.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg 37 101-10-0
2nd Rob Dyer (Pendragon) 90-7-0
3rd Simon Jones (Rhymney) 77-0-0
4th Andrew Crocker (Neath) 65-0-0

Wednesday 30th May
Open - Sophie's
Another big ton, signals another big win for Steve Shaw. Corn down the edge did the damage. Dennis O'Leary went one better this week with runner-up from peg 6, again catching short.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S9 186-6-0
2nd Dennis O'Leary (Ebbw Vale) peg S6 134-10-0
3rd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S2 118-6-0
4th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S14 113-8-0
5th Speedy (Team Brolly) peg S16 85-14-0
6th Simon Davies peg S4 82-8-0

Wednesday 23rd May
Open - Penny's
There's no stopping Steve Shaw at the moment as he took another win from corner peg 23 on his favoured corn/margin method. Opposite Steve was Andrew Mumford who took runner-up spot, with occasional visitor, Dennis O'Leary completing the all ton frame from peg 2.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P23 123-8-0
2nd Andrew Mumford (King Edwards) peg P18 113-8-0
3rd Dennis O'Leary (Ebbw Vale) peg P2 110-4-0
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg P14 75-12-0
5th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg P10 74-0-0

16th May
Open - Sophie's
Steve Shaw is on fire at the moment and finished well ahead of his rivals using his favoured corn down the edge at peg 16. Runner-up was Speedy just round the corner from Steve on 18, who "edged out" Brian King on 12.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S16 190-4-0
2nd Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg S18 151-12-0
3rd Brian King peg S12 151-8-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S14 139-0-0
5th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S6 129-8-0
6th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S10 123-12-0

Wednesday 9th May
Open - Molly's
Heavy rain put a dampener on events but nothing can stop Steve Shaw who recorded his second win in 3 days taking some big fish close in on corn either side of peg 17. Brian Prothero on the other side of the reeds took second with a similar bag, this time on pellet.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg M17 181-12-0
2nd Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) peg M19 146-0-0
3rd Brian King peg M2 102-6-0
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg M10 81-8-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg M8 80-0-0
6th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg M12 70-0-0

Monday 7th May
Open - Sophie's
Steve Shaw shows how it's done from peg 2, recording the best weight from there in some time.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S2 151-0-0
2nd Howard Green (Green;s Fishing Tackle) peg S4 135-0-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S6 129-0-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S14 124-0-0
5th Tony Worgan (Sirhowy) peg S9 119-0-0
6th Frank Davies peg S19 118-4-0

Sunday 6th May
Sirhowy - Penny’s
1st Simon Jones (Rhymney) peg 696-6-0
2nd Andrew Crocker (Swansea) 78-0-0
3rd Nigel Morris (Neath) 69-11-0
4th Mike Williams (Cross Hands) 59-0-0.

Wednesday 2nd May
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
The lakes were in good form with 10th place taking 90lbs, and the top seven all recording tons. Andrew Mumford put in a storming performance of shallow fishing taking all small carp from Sophie's peg 5 for 176lb, just edging out Steve Shaw who had bigger fish on corn from the peg 12 reeds.
Mike Yandle was top on Molly's with another big ton from peg 2.
1st Andrew Mumford (King Edward's) peg S5 176-0-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S12 172-0-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S19 152-14-0
4th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S9 149-0-0
5th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg M2 143-13-0
6th Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg S16 127-8-0

Sunday 22nd April
Forest Fours - Molly's, Penny's & Sophie's

1st Alan Simmonds (Iffers Blue) peg S12 93-0-0 (D section winner)
2nd Andy Prosser (Iffers Blue) peg M21 80-12-0 (C Section winner)
3rd Martin Chandler (Glory Boys) peg S2 78-14-0
4th Glyn Sherwood (Iffers Red) peg M12 74-12-0
5th Mark Hudson (Forest Nomads) peg S12 67-12-0
6th Greg Roberts (Iffers Red) peg P 10 63-2-0 (A Section winner)
7th Mark Hastings (Rebels) peg P 32 57-12-0 (B Section winner)

Wednesday 18th April
Open - Sophie's
Mike Yandle did what he does best and took a string of carp from a variety of inside lines. Rob Jones made his visit pay taking bigger carp down the edge on corn.
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S10 127-14-0
2nd Rob Jones (Neath) peg S14 109-4-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S16 107-14-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S2

Sunday 15th April
Iffers Club Match
1st Alan Simmonds peg S12 136-0-0
2nd Sam Prosser peg S14 120-12-0
3rd= Glyn Sherwood (Wye Angling) peg S4 84-0-0
3rd= Ross Hale peg S16 84-0-0
5th Ian "Bart" peg M19 77-8-0.

Wednesday 11th April
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Both lakes were difficult after two very cold nights. Sophie's again dominated the frame with Howard Green putting in a majestic performance to win from unfancied peg 18 - despite breaking his pole. Speedy continued his good run with second place from peg 12. His pal, Andrew Mumford outshone him though, by winning Molly's!
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S18 102-0-0
2nd Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg S12 94-8-0
3rd Ian "Bart" Sutton (Iffers) peg S4 84-0-0
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S19 81-4-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) S8 77-0-0
6th Andrew Mumford (King Edwards) M15 64-0-0

Sunday 8th April
Sirhowy Match
Molly's & Sophie's
It was a match of 2 halves with all the big weights spread around Sophie's. Top Neath angler, Rob Jones lead the way for a clear win from peg 19, taking some big fish close in. He was followed by Mike Williams at the oposite end and several other ton bags. On Molly's the cream came to the top with Simon Jones leading the way from his "2nd home" peg 16.
1st Rob Jones (Neath) peg S19 180-0-0
2nd Mike Williams peg S8 151-8-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S16 144-12-0
4th Bob Giles peg S2 141-6-0
5th Joel Worgan peg S4 135-12-0

Sunday 8th April
Cwm Angling match
It was good to see Rob Skellett take the win. Third placed, Larry Salter raised a few eyebrows as it was mostly bream & skimmers.
1st Rob Skellet P18 143-0-0
2nd Andrew Mann P9 86-0-0
3rd Larry Salter P2 78-0-0
4th Neil Dibble P8 73-0-0

Wednesday 4th April
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Several anglers gave up in the atrocious conditions, but Howard Green again showed his class by coming out on top with a big ton from Sophie's 14. Mike Yandle caught steadily at close range to lead the way on Molly's.
1st Howard Green(Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S14 142-8-0
2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg M12 95-4-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S4 93-8-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg M17 86-4-0
5th Mark Holden (Sirhowy) peg S12 76-0-0
6th Phil Rawlings (Spencer Works) peg S19 56-8-0

Wednesday 28th March
Open - Penny's
The conditions dictated that a good draw was vital, and when Mike Yandle drew the fancied peg 18 it was game over as he took a succession of carp from the margins at 13-15 metres. In fact his weigt would have been much higher but for sevearl lost "lumps". Runner-up spot went to Bart, who did well to take 68lbs from peg 28.
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg P18 102-12-0
2nd Ian "Bart" Sutton (Iffers) peg P28 68-10-0
3rd Andrew Mumford (King Edwards) peg P26 57-8-0
4th David Evans (Cefn fforest) peg P4 55-10-0
5th Christian Price peg P34 50-8-0
6th Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) peg P36 38-12-0

Sunday 25th March
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
With hot pegs 2-5 on Sophie's all in there was a close battle, but Gavin Jones on 4 kept the fish coming the most consistently to take top honours. Gavin caught on various lines with pellet. Rob Dyer was top on Molly's, and 2nd overall with a nice bag from corner peg 19 using corn over pellet. Both lakes fished well with 6 tons recorded.
1st Gavin Jones (Cefn fforest) peg S4 143-4-0
2nd Rob Dyer (Sirhowy) peg M19 132-12-0
3rd Tony Worgan (Sirhowy) peg S2 130-4-0
4th Keith Grande (Sirhowy) peg S5 113-8-0

Iffer's Club Match - Penny's
In a tightly pegged match, an end peg is always a big advantage and venue regular, Bart made no mistake with an impressive win. He took most of his fish from close in on corn.
1st Ian "Bart" Sutton peg P18 129-12-0
2nd Mark Wellington peg P5 89-4-0
3rd John Macklin P6 56-12-0
4th Sam Prosser P2 54-8-0

Wednesday 21st March
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Spring arrived with a bang this week as the top 10 took almost 1200lbs to the scales! In form Alan Davies turned Sophie's 14 into a winning peg with an impressive 143lbs. Runner-up spot went to Steve Shaw on Molly's peg 19, with another form angler, Speedy taking 3rd overall.
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S14 146-8-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) 143-0-0
3rd Speedy (Legendary) peg S19 134-0-0
4th Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg S4 125-8-0
5th Howard Green peg M15 110-12-0
6th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) M5 103-0-0

Sunday 18th March
Open - Molly's & Tilly's
Duane Boyall was delighted to take his first Red Hill win with an excellent ton of margin-caught carp from Molly's peg 12. This left him almost 30 pounds ahead of venue expert, Steve Shaw.
On Tilly's, Tony Summers just edged out Mike Mould to take the lake.
1st Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg M12 107-8-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg M1 78-12-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg T16 71-0-0
4th Mike Mould (Rebels) peg T18 70-4-0

Wednesday 14th March
Open - Penny's
A good turn-out saw Mike Yandle romp home over 30lbs in front of the field from peg 4. Runner-up, Alan Davies was also top on the far bank followed closely by Speedy. Both anglers breaking the ton barrier.
1st Mike Yandle(Tredegar) peg P4 142-6-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg P37 110-0-0
3rd Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg P35 106-0-0
4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P18 92-0-0
5th Bob Giles (Cwmbran Nobblers) peg P8 83-8-0
6th Phil Rawlings (Spencer Works) peg P23 66-8-0

Sunday 11th March
Open - Sophie's & Molly's
Simon Jones rarely misses out when he visits red Hill. The latest open was no exception as he recorded his second ton of the year from Molly's peg 17. Runner-up spot went to Howard Green, again on Molly's. Lake winner on Sophie's, was Mike Yandle.
1st Simon Jones (Rhymney) peg M17 101-12-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg M4 97-0-0
3rd Dai Crandon peg M10 96-10-0
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S14 94-8-0

Wednesday 7th March
Open Sophie's
In-form Speedy drew peg 4 and it was game over as he romped to a convincing win. It was a close battle for the minor places with Steve Ayres clinching runner-up by just 4 oz from Brian Prothero. Steve catch was mostly quality roach!
1st Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg S4 115-8-0
2nd Steve Ayres (Pontyclun) peg S19 63-0-0
3rd Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) peg S2 62-12-0
4th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S10 57-8-0
5th Steve Shaw (Maukyu) peg S6 55-0-0
6th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S14 53-8-0

Sunday 4th MarchOpen - Molly's & Tilly's
1st Gavin Jones peg M8 77-8-0
2nd Adam Jones peg M4 69-0-0
3rd Steve Harris peg M15 66-14-0
4th & lake win Speedy peg T20 61-0-0
5th Paul Roberts peg T18 48-12-0
6th Mike Yandle peg T4 44-4-0

Wednesday 29th February
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
It was a very close call, but the returning Brian Prothero eased passed Alan Davies by just 8oz! On Sophie's peg 16, Brian caught from the off and was delighted to take the golden peg as well. Alan caught on a variety of lines from peg S4 to keep his peg alive, beating his "buddy" on peg 2 to boot.
1st Brian Prothero (Team Berlingo) peg S16 106-0-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S4 105-8-0
3rd (Lake winner) Graham Davies (Spencer Wks) peg M9 79-4-0
4th Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg peg M14 74-8-0
5th Phil Rawlings (Spencer Wks) peg S10 70-0-0
6th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S2 62-4-0

Sunday25th February
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
1st Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg S10 158-10-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S 12 90-0-0
3rd Grant Morris peg S19 86-4-0
4th Mark Hillier peg S14 69-0-0

Wednesday 22nd February
Open - Tilly's
The wind was horrendous especially for those in the high numbers, but peg 20 is the place to be and Tony Summers made good use to record the first Wednesday ton of the year taking the Golden peg as well. Weights dropped off after that with Howard Green finishing second from peg 2.
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg T20 102-0-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg T2 56-8-0
3rd Dan Jacobs (Team Wilks) peg T1 45-10-0
4th Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg T18 37-2-0
5th Phil Rawlings (Cardiff Nomads) peg T4 35-12-0

Sunday 19th February
Open - Molly's & Tilly's
1st Tony Worgan peg T20 90-8-0
2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg T4 86-6-0
3rd Gwyn Jones peg T18 69-0-0
4th Dai Crandon peg T16 66-4-0

Wednesday 15th Febrauary
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
The ice had gone and despite the cold water catches were surprisingly good. Lyn Jones lead the way overall with a fine mixed catch from Molly's peg 20. Alan Davies proved he can do it off the right peg with top weight on Sophie's.
1st Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg M20 89-8-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S16 75-0-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S14 67-2-0
4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S4 58-4-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S2 51-8-0
6th Ian Sutton (Iffers) peg M14 46-8-0

Wednesday 8th Febrauary
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
In bitter cold conditions and with more than half of Molly's frozen, it was inevitable that weights were low. As expected, Sophie's dominated with Howard Green leading the way from peg 2, with Mike Yandle runner-up on the same bank. Lake winner on Molly's was in-form Tony Summers.
1st (& Lake) Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S2 47-2-0
2nd (Lake r/u)Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S4 38-6-0
3rd Ian Sutton peg S16 31-2-0
4th Phil Rawlings (Cardiff Nomads) peg S10 22-8-0
5th (Lake win) Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg M11 16-6-0
6th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S14 13-0-0
7th (Lake r/u) Simon Jones (Rhymney) peg M4 11-6-0

Wednesday 1st February
Open - Sophie's
It was decided after sharp overnight frost and with an icy east wind to make the match a walk-off over just four hours. Inspite of this the weights were still good.
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S16 55-12-0
2nd Speedy (Legendary Angling) peg S4 39-8-0
3rd Duane Boyall (Oakdale) S2 35-12-0
4th Ian "Bart" Sutton (Iffers) S10 26-6-0

Sunday 29th January
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Top angler, Simon Jones weighed in the first ton of 2012 with an excellent performance from unfancied peg 14 on Sophie's. Simon caught on waggler with sweetcorn over pellet in 10 ft of water.
1st Simon Jones (Rhymney) peg S14 104-4-0
2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S16 66-0-0
3rd Adam Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg M10 60-12-0
4th Paul Roberts peg S3 60-0-0

Wednesday 25th January
A strong gusting wind made for difficult conditions but another draw along the favoured Cafe bank on Sophie's saw Tony Summers make it back to back wins. He took his fish at 13 metres on corn to finish clear of joint seconds Mike Yandle, who was top on Molly's, and Phil Rawlings.
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S3 78-8-0
2nd= Phil Rawlings (Spencer Works) peg S5 56-0-0
2nd = Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg M15 56-0-0
4th Speedy (Legendary Angler) peg M10 52-4-0
5th Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg S10 49-1-0

Wednesday 18th January
After being iced over the night before, the lake took a while to get going but Tony Summers made the most of a good draw to catch a nice net of small carp at 14-16 metres. Either side of Tony, Mike Yandle and Phil Rawlings both took bigger fish for 2nd and 4th. Alan Davies took 3rd spot from peg 16
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S4 65-12-0
2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S5 56-14-0
3rd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S16 55-0-0
4th Phil Rawlings (Spencer Works) peg S2 53-8-0
5th Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg S10 44-8-0

Sunday 15th January
Young Forest of Dean star Sam Hughes, had a solid win from peg 10 with over 70lbs on the feeder. Sorry no further details as yet.

Open - Sophie's
Wednesday 11th January
Open - Sophie's
Howard Green took top honours, and the Golden Peg with a clear win from peg 10. He faced a brisk wind for most of the day and was able to catch fish close in late on. Mr Consistency, Duane Boyall, did the same from peg 5 to take runner-up spot.
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S10 86-8-0
2nd Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg S5 57-2-0
3rd Tony Summers (WYe Angling) peg S4 52-4-0
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S16 47-8-0
5th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S19 45-0-0

Sunday 8th January
Open - Sophie's
Despite being tightly pegged, Mike Yandle showed his class with another win from peg 4 after Tony Worgan had made the early running.
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S4 77-2-0
2nd Tony Worgan (Marvellous) peg S16 63-4-0
3rd Steve Harris (Nobblers) peg S2 60-0-0
4th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S12 45-4-0

Saturday 7th January
Spencer Works - Sophie's
1st Phil Rawlings peg S2 72-4-0
2nd Andy Price 69-4-0
3rd Mark Guerra 49-12-0
4th Chris Grant 48-12-0

Wednesday 4th January
Open Molly's & Sophie's
A gusting strong wind made things difficult for the first match of the new year. The top 3 weights came from Sophie's where Howard Green came out on top in a next peg battle with Marukyu Man, Steve Shaw. They were followed by fast-starting Duane Boyle on peg 14.
Top performer on Molly's was Phil Rawlings from peg 10.
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)
peg S3 86-8-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S5 76-8-0
3rd Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg S14 68-8-0
4th Phil Rawlings (Cardiff Nomads) peg M10 55-10-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling)peg M14 52-8-0
6th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) peg S 12 52-4-0

Alan's hospital visit wasn't 100% succesful...
...the bushy tail could not be removed

             DOUBLE TON-UP + BOARD 2011
(If you are either missing or the entry is incorrect - ring me on 07809 37923107809 379231 or email

20th July          Mike Yandle         S10               321-0-0       
20th April            Richie Hoskins        M3                  305-8-0
10th Aug             Steve Shaw            M2                272-0-0
20th April            Howard Green        S14                 249-8-0
29th June            Alan Davies           S11                  233-0-0
20th July             Lyn Jones              S14                  219-4-0
20th July             Shaun McCarthy     M10                 212-12-0
10th Aug              Ian Exall               M15                 210-0-0